Metal Roof Restoration

Metal roofs are an attractive option for many business owners. They offer a wide range of benefits including being more affordable, easier to install, lightweight, and having a longer lifespan.

Unfortunately, damage does happen and can result in leaks and unsightly rust development on your roof. These issues are commonly caused by harsh weather, poor installation, and too much foot traffic.

Wear and tear doesn’t mean you need an entirely new roof though! Studies have shown that up to 80% of roofs are replaced prematurely. At MasterWorks, we want to help protect your investment and get more life from it. Our metal roof restoration team will have your metal roof looking better than new at a fraction of the cost of a total roof replacement.

We use the best materials available on the market to take your old, worn, roof and bring it back to life. Using industry-leading methods, our team will have any metal roof looking better than it did the day you installed it.

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Benefits of a Metal Roof Restoration

A metal roof restoration comes with several advantages:

  • Increased durability. Restoration can delay replacement by up to 18 years!
  • Improved energy efficiency. Energy bills can be reduced by 35% to 50%. Cooling costs are significantly lowered with 85% of the sun’s rays reflecting away from the building.
  • Reliability. Restoring the roof and eliminating smaller problems like leaks prevents much larger issues that can lead to costly replacement.
  • Appealing aesthetics help any business put its best foot forward to clients. Don’t let a rusty, old-looking roof hold you back from your full potential.
  • Saves Time. Restoration takes less time than a replacement and is less disruptive to your business. There is no need to close your doors or lose out on any revenue while we repair and refurbish your existing metal roof.
  • Eco-Friendly. Restoration rather than replacement reduces the amount of waste in landfills and is good for your carbon footprint!
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Why Call MasterWorks?

You have many options for the care of your metal roofing system. Ensure you work with a company offering experience, quality, and value.

MasterWorks prides itself on all the above. Specializing in metal roof restoration services, you can count on us to improve both lifespan and performance in your metal roofing system.

Don’t let a damaged metal roof slow down your business! Contact MasterWorks now at 703-263-3304 to schedule a free consultation with our roofing experts. Discover for yourself why we’re the go-to name for metal roof restoration needs in Virginia and the mid-Atlantic area. Our dedicated team will restore your roof to its former glory. Act fast and call us today!