Understanding EPDM Replacement

EPDM roofing systems are popular in commercial and residential settings because of their durability and affordability. MasterWorks Contractors in Fairfax, Virginia, provides experienced EPDM replacement services to keep buildings protected and lasting. If you are unsure whether your roof needs EPDM replacement or not, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at 703-263-3304.

EPDM Replacement

EPDM Replacement1

EPDM replacement involves removing and replacing an EPDM roofing system to safeguard the structure. This procedure entails examining the roof’s condition, removing the old membrane, fixing any flaws, and installing a new EPDM membrane to restore its integrity and functioning.

2 Major Reasons to Get EPDM Replacement

  • Significant Damage: Hailstorms and severe winds may damage EPDM roofs, reducing their efficacy. In such circumstances, replacing may be the cheapest way to safeguard and avoid additional harm.
  • Insufficient Insulation or Energy Efficiency: Older EPDM roofs may lack insulation or energy-efficient elements, raising energy expenses and making inhabitants uncomfortable. An EPDM membrane upgrade improves energy efficiency and comfort.

What is the process of replacement?

EPDM Replacement

EPDM replacement normally requires these steps:

  • Roof Assessment: MasterWorks Contractors’ experienced roofers evaluate the EPDM roof for leaks, damage, and degradation.
  • Cleaning and preparation ensure EPDM membrane adherence on the roof. Remove trash, dirt, and loose material, and fix the substrate as required.
  • Removal of Old Membrane: The EPDM membrane is carefully removed to avoid substrate damage. To provide the groundwork for the new membrane, broken roof deck parts are repaired or replaced.
  • Installation: After preparing the roof surface, the new EPDM membrane is placed per manufacturer requirements. Roll out the membrane, mechanically attach or glue it to the roof deck, and seal seams to form a watertight barrier.
  • Quality Assurance: After installation, roofing specialists evaluate the EPDM membrane for integrity and efficacy. This may involve leak testing, seam inspections, and final tests to ensure the replacement satisfies industry and customer requirements.

What is the Cost?

EPDM replacement costs depend on roof size, membrane condition, repairs, and material quality. EPDM replacement costs a lot, but it improves building longevity, energy efficiency, and protection. We offer clear pricing and cost-effective project-specific solutions.


MasterWorks Contractors in Fairfax, Virginia, offers EPDM replacement for buildings that require protection and lifespan. Whether due to aging, damage, or inadequate insulation, EPDM replacement keeps buildings with a durable, cost-effective roofing system. We at MasterWorks Contractors provide excellent EPDM repair, installation, and workmanship to protect your property for years. Call us now on 703-263-3304 and get your roof in the best hands possible.