Understanding TPO Leaks

TPO Leaks1

Due to their longevity, energy efficiency, and affordability, TPO roofing systems are becoming more popular. Like any roofing material, TPO membranes leak over time. Leaks must be found and fixed quickly to avoid interior and structural damage. MasterWorks Contractors in Fairfax, Virginia, specializes in TPO leaks and repairs to prolong commercial roof life. Call our team today at 703-263-3304.

What is a TPO Leak?

Water seepage through a TPO roofing system‘s thermoplastic membrane is a leak. Ceiling or wall water stains, roof water pools, or moist insulation are signs of leaks. Untreated TPO leaks may cause substantial water damage, mold development, and structural decay, jeopardizing the structure.

What Causes TPO Leaks?

TPO Leaks

Several conditions might cause TPO leaks:

  • Punctures: Sharp objects, foot movement, or wind-blown debris may puncture or tear the TPO membrane, allowing water in.
  • Seam Failure: Worn or improperly placed seams may let water into the TPO membrane. Poor welding, thermal expansion and contraction, or severe weather may cause seam collapse.
  • Erosion: TPO membranes erode over time due to UV, chemical, or improper installation. Deteriorating membranes leak more and need immediate repair or replacement.
  • Water Seepage: Ponding water or clogged roof drains may damage the TPO membrane, causing leaks and water penetration.

Repairing TPO Leaks

Systematic leak detection and solution implementation are needed to repair TPO leaks. This usually entails these steps:

  • Leak detection: MasterWorks Contractors’ skilled roofers analyze the TPO leak to find its cause. Water infiltration may be found via visual inspections, moisture surveys, or infrared imaging.
  • Surface preparation: The leak location is cleaned and prepped for repair material adherence. A clean, dry surface is achieved by removing dirt, debris, and loose membrane material.
  • Patch or Seal Repair: Leak severity and location determine repair procedures. Small holes may be repaired using TPO-compatible adhesives or sealants. TPO membrane or reinforcing patches may be needed for larger damaged areas.
  • Quality Assurance: Roofers evaluate the repair after completion to confirm its integrity and efficacy. Water testing or other leak detection may be needed to confirm leak repair.

Cost to Repair

The cost of TPO leak repair depends on the damage, impacted area, and repair technique. Minor repairs like mending punctures or rips may be cheap. However, bigger repairs or seam resealing may cost more due to labor and materials. To avoid additional damage and save repair costs, TPO leaks must be addressed immediately.


TPO leaks threaten commercial roofing systems. Preventing water damage, mold, and structural degradation requires prompt diagnosis and treatment. Fairfax, Virginia-based MasterWorks Contractors provides experienced TPO leak repair services to prolong business roof life. Businesses may preserve their assets and keep inhabitants safe by quickly and efficiently correcting TPO leaks. Trust our team at MasterWorks Contractors for dependable TPO leak repair to protect your business roofing system. Call now at 703-263-3304 to get your repair booked!